Clayburn House

With a small room in this family home, the client wanted Q Smartdesign to come up with ideas as to what could be done in designing a dedicated Cinema Room. The brief was to keep everything seamless and tidy allowing enough seating for 4 Chairs.


After a demonstration of a similar sized room at our cinema room partner Pulse Marketing, we decided a multi view room (TV and Projector) was to be designed. With a screen coming from the ceiling covering the tv, it instantly turns the room into a dedicated cinema. Speakers were an issue as the room was small and we didn’t want on wall solutions.

We decided on the phenomenal Triad In-Ceiling speakers and subwoofers. With these Angled speaker pointed to your seating position we manage to fit a 7.1 surround system with 2 in ceiling subwoofers without compromising on sound quality. Using lighting control, designing and supplying plastered in flush downlights with full scenes set. With precise planning in a small space the room turned out beautiful.


- Multi view room design
- Triad In-Ceiling speakers and subwoofers
- 7.1 surround system
- 2 in ceiling subwoofers
- Lighting control
- Flush downlights with full scenes set

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