Farringdon House

We were given a spare room in a large house with no purpose, and asked to create an intimate dedicated cinema, concentrating on quality sound and picture performance. The clients also had a huge Blu-ray collection they wanted stored and hidden with the room.


An obstacle to overcome in this rooms original design was the fact it had hardwood floors, a large bay window and flat plastered wall. We therefore specified deep pile carpet, and acoustic treated fabric wall not only to enhance the sound within the room but also to keep sound leakage out the room around the house. Working closely with the client we created a fantastic room they enjoy on a daily basis.


With limited space we had to design carefully not to take up too much space. Using Artcoustic Spitfire SL 8-4, 2 Spitfire Subwoofers and Artcoustic Target SL for rears we manage this by building a false wall to house speakers, with cupboards for storage of AV equipment and Blu-ray’s. A JVC X500 projector onto a Screen Research fixed screen gave an impressive image.


- Artcoustic Spitfire SL 8-4
- 2 Spitfire Subwoofers
- Artcoustic Target SL
- Custom AV furniture
- JVC X500 projector
- Screen Research Screen
- Blue-ray

  • Speaker Install
  • Screen Installation